Use Chromecast To Play movies On Big Screen Via Cartoon HD

Have a Big screen? Then why getting limited to your small phone screen only. Use your big screen to stream movies through the Cartoon HD app through Chromecast. It’s pretty simple to stream through Cartoon HD.  We will guide you to play movies on your Big screen Using Chromecast. If you have a Windows 10 Computer then you can use custom script developed by Roscripts and use it to directly cast.



  1. The smartphone which has the Cartoon HD app.
  2. Allcast app.
  3. Chromecast devise.
  4. TV which has HDMI port which is compatible with Chromecast Device.

You can read more on their official site here. Know about NJMCDirect.

How to Use Chromecast

  1. Connect the Chromecast device to Big Screen using the HDMI port.
  2. Give power supply to Chromecast device using USB power.
  3. No need to press any power button, it will automatically start once you start giving power through USB.
  4. Select the right Input on the TV. If you are connected to HDMI1, choose input mode as HDMI1 only.
  5. Now install the Cartoon HD app on your phone.
  6. Install All cast app from Google Play store to your mobile device which acts as an external media player to transfer video data from your mobile to TV.
  7. Open Cartoon HD app and choose the movie which you want to stream through chromecast on your TV.
  8. Make sure that your phone has a good internet connection.
  9. Select the Movie which you play. Click on that movie. Choose the mode as Custom.
  10. Once you choose Custom mode playing options, it will show all available External media players on your mobile phone. Choose All cast to play a movie on TV.
  11. Once you choose All Cast it searches for all available devices. Choose your TV name and click on that one. It starts connecting to your device, once it is connected you can see your mobile screen on TV through Chromecast.
  12. Start watching Cartoon HD movies on Big screen using Chromecast.